Monday, December 17, 2007

Welcome to Esoterica in America!

Welcome to Esoterica in America, a brand new blog from a brand new blogger! EinA hopes to shed light on some shadowy subject matter and promote debate on these topics.
Originally, I intended a space devoted to mythology, the paranormal, the unexplained. But as I began compiling my thoughts for opening blogs, I realized the necessity to expand my criterion for what constitutes the estoric in America today.

Ours is a nation at the forefront of technology, and we live in the Information Age. Why then do we struggle for truth? For deeper meaning? For all the tools at our disposal, we seem unable or unwilling to tackle important issues, to render conclusions not force-fed us by a soundbyte media machine. Often, the issues most integral to our daily lives and our future security remain undiscussed, or hidden.

As a former print journalist, I am exasperated by headlines devoted to celebrities, to sports, to the mundane. Why are we not asking harder questions about the shocking increase in autism among newborns, about a potential energy crash with global economic ramifications, about the looming healthcare crisis in America?

For sure, this blog will tackle the mysterious and unexplained, everything from alien abduction to the quest for the Ark of the Covenant, but these posts will also tackle subjects more mainstream.

I'd like to start with a look at peak oil, what it is, why news outlets fail to report it, and what secret, esoteric knowledge needs bringing to light...

Thanks for reading.

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